Thomas Lauderdale and Tiny Pianos!

We chat with Pink Martini founder and band leader, Thomas Lauderdale, about his favorite fragrance, collecting snow globes and why playing music is better than being mayor.

Claire Coffee & Condors!

We chat with Grimm star Claire Coffee about late night shoots, fancy backpacks and a musical episode of Grimm as condors rip apart a baby calf!

Play Ball! With Pickles!

We chat with Portland Pickles player JT Navarro about baseball scouts, whoopie cushions and breakfast foods!

Let’s Put On Opera Costumes!

We tried on costumes from Portland Opera's production of The Magic Flute and learned all about the Maurice Sendak-designed opera!

Bikes on Ice!

We pedal the bike onto the ice to chat with Portland Winterhawks player Keoni Texeira about epic pranks, late-night gaming and socks!

Bike Your Dickens Off!

We chat with Portland Center Stage prop master Michael Jones about rotting wedding cakes, exploding axes and murderous barbers!