John Roderick on Flight Vs. Invisibility

We chat with the musician & podcaster about interns, his run for city council and being the 3rd sexiest man in Seattle!

Backstage with Russell Hornsby!

Russell tell us about his favorite days on set, recasting his GRIMM cast mates and breakfast foods!

Rosalee & Monroe Tell All!

We chat with Grimm's Bree Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell about wesen brawls, Comic-Con and theme songs of the 1980s!

Trapped in an Elevator!

We crammed the bike into the elevator at the Space Needle to chat with Cassidy, the elevator operator, about illegal parachuters, elevator-related sicknesses and Paul McCartney!

Bikes on Boats!

We pedal aboard an Argosy ship to ask Captain Shane about sea monsters, crashes and whether we can drive the boat!

Thomas Lauderdale and Tiny Pianos!

We chat with Pink Martini founder and band leader, Thomas Lauderdale, about his favorite fragrance, collecting snow globes and why playing music is better than being mayor.