Watch Out For Buffalo!

We chat with Chad Kremer, bison heard manager, at Custer State Park about rounding up thousands of bison, the problem with selfies and a buffalo who thinks he's a dog!

We Biked to Mt. Rushmore!

We chatted with Cheryl Schreier, the superintendent of Mount Rushmore, about stray mountain goats, taking care of a national icon and the possibility of carving new heads on the monument!

Pet Psychic Predicts Future!

We chat with intuitive animal communicator Bridget Pilloud about talking cats, depressed dogs and sickly fish!

Get on the Log Ride!

Roger Tofte, creator of Enchanted Forest, tells us about the humble beginnings of the park, building cement pumpkins and swallowing salamanders.

Let’s Feed Baby Elephants!

We pedaled to the Oregon Zoo's new Elephant Lands exhibit to talk about elephant births, control giant feeding robots and give apples to baby elephants!

Into the Ice Cream Freezer!

We chat with Salt & Straw Chief Ice Cream Maker, Tyler Malek, and find out how to make bug ice cream, how he almost became the delivery truck driver and how cold it gets in their freezer.