In the summer of 2011, Boaz Frankel and Phillip Ross (of Metrofiets Cargo Bikes) decided to fuse two of their favorite things: talk shows and cargo bikes. They were curious whether it was possible to cram an entire late-night-style-talk-show production into a bicycle. A few months later, The Pedal Powered Talk Show was built and since then they’ve pedaled it to rooftops, canyon rims, shoe factories, roller skating rinks and goat fields to film interviews with unicycling bagpipers, best-selling authors, 80-year old drag queens, famous musicians and Baldwin brothers. The show has been featured on all major TV stations and newspapers in Oregon as well as USAToday.com, Bicycle Times and a bunch of other places.


The Pedal Powered Talk Show was conceived and built in Oregon. Phillip Ross and James Nichols of Metrofiets designed the bike and built the frame by hand from aircraft grade steel. Troy Susan of Bamboo Craftsman crafted the solid wood desk in his North Portland store. Finally, the wheels were custom made by Jude Kirstein of Sugar Wheel Works in her N. Williams shop. The bike is eight feet long and weighs about seventy-five pounds. Construction of the bike was generously funded by our pals at Keen Footwear.


Boaz Frankel hosted his first talk show in 2002 when he launched “On the Cusp,” an often-strange late night talk show on NYU-TV, the university’s closed-circuit television station. Since then he’s interviewed hundreds of people you’ve probably heard of including George Clooney, Judi Dench, the cast of The Office, Natalie Portman, Donald Trump and Sesame Street’s Grover. In addition to hosting this talk show, Boaz is also a filmmaker, world record holder, kazoo museum curator, half of a creative advertising team and a native Portlander. You can learn more about him at StuffByBoaz.com.

Favorite EPISODES:

Bikes on Boats!

We pedal aboard an Argosy ship to ask Captain Shane about sea monsters, crashes and whether we can drive the boat!

Bikes on Ice!

We pedal the bike onto the ice to chat with Portland Winterhawks player Keoni Texeira about epic pranks, late-night gaming and socks!

Meet a Rodeo Clown!

We chat with veteran rodeo clown, Duane Reichert, about dangerous bulls, Russian circuses and magically appearing goats!

Watch Out For Buffalo!

We chat with Chad Kremer, bison heard manager, at Custer State Park about rounding up thousands of bison, the problem with selfies and a buffalo who thinks he's a dog!

Rafting the Rogue River!

We load the bike onto a raft and head through roaring rapids on the Rogue River as we chat with Brad Niva about Laura Bush, starting a rafting company and the secret service!

Bagpiping Unicyclists & Goats

We chat with The Unipiper, Portland's only bagpiping unicyclist (who often dresses as Darth Vader) in a field of goats! Watch out for shooting flames, crotch rockets and many cute goats!

Ed Begley Jr

Woody Allen impressions, botched first dates, 10 foot giants and more on our interview with actor Ed Begley Jr at Portland's Velocult.

Live Cheetahs!

Cheetahs leaping on bikes, tiger bites and sleeping with wild cats! All this and more on this episode of The Pedal Powered Talk Show that we filmed with Sarah the cheetah expert at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon!

Wind Dancer Flutes

The Pedal Powered Talk Show headed 330 miles east of our home base in Portland, OR to Wind Dancer Flutes in Enterprise, OR. That's where Boaz and the crew met up with the flute maker himself, Roger McGee.