An Open Letter to Portlandia

Dear People Who Make Portlandia,

I appreciate all you’ve done for my hometown. You produce a fun and popular television show that not only films all over Portland (while employing many Portlanders) but also shares our weird and wonderful quirks with the rest of the world. You’ve told everyone about our knot stores and weird parades and reggae-loving mayors. But while you’ve been painting this rich television portrait of our shared city, you’ve left out one crucial element: The Pedal Powered Talk Show.

Why do you insist on whitewashing our city and conveniently leaving out the only cargo-bike-talk-show-fusion while including every other strange thing about Portland?

I’m disappointed but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps the first three seasons of Portlandia were already so crammed full of Portland’s unique treasures that you couldn’t find room to fit in the Pedal Powered Talk Show. Luckily, you’re now filming your fourth season and we are available. We’re very available. In fact, if you wanted to film tonight or tomorrow morning or yesterday afternoon we could most likely make it.

So, I ask you, pretty please, don’t make the same mistake for the fourth time. For the sake of our city, please include the Pedal Powered Talk Show in this season of Portlandia.

Boaz Frankel
The Pedal Powered Talk Show


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