Bugling and Bedazzling Across Portland

While searching for guests to interview on our quest for “The Most Uneek Interview in the World,” I asked a lot of friends for suggestions. One name quickly rose to the top and that was Alex Simon. She plays the bugle, she bedazzles bikes, she surprises friends with epic chalk murals, she directs a summer camp for adults and that’s just the beginning. So, naturally, I invited her to join me at Stark’s Vacuum Cleaner Museum for this conversation:

You can follow Alex’s varied and always fascinating adventures at @makegoodchoices on instagram. And it’s hard to believe but, we’ve almost come to the end of our quest for “The Most Uneek Interview in the World.” One week from today we’ll be posting a teaser for the most Uneek interview of them all. And another week after that we’ll be posting the interview that changes it all. Are you ready? I’m not sure if I am. This is going to get intense.

And thanks to Carly Feke for taking these awesome photos!