Season 3

Bagpiping Unicyclists & Goats

We chat with The Unipiper, Portland's only bagpiping unicyclist (who often dresses as Darth Vader) in a field of goats! Watch out for shooting flames, crotch rockets and many cute goats!

Ed Begley Jr

Woody Allen impressions, botched first dates, 10 foot giants and more on our interview with actor Ed Begley Jr at Portland's Velocult.

Wind Dancer Flutes

The Pedal Powered Talk Show headed 330 miles east of our home base in Portland, OR to Wind Dancer Flutes in Enterprise, OR. That's where Boaz and the crew met up with the flute maker himself, Roger McGee.

Bike Bugler / Bedazzler

Bike bugling, bedazzling, adult summer camp directing and chalk muraling are just a few of the things that keep Alex Simon busy. We chat, bike and ride a unicorn float with her at Stark's Vacuum Cleaner Museum.

The Ginger Ride

We suit up in red wigs and join Portland's annual Ginger Ride! Watch us interview both natural and non-natural gingers while attempting to make strawberry lemonade - all while in motion!

Darcelle and Arcades

We chat with 83 year-old female impersonator Darcelle at the Ground Kontrol arcade about wigs, mayonnaise and battling ninja turtles!

David Wain

David Wain visits The Pedal Powered Talk Show through the magic of the internet to chat about They Came Together (his new film), meeting Paul Rudd and the industriousness of ants!

Anna Brones

Watch us make a smoothie with ingredients we pull out of the Pedal Powered Talk Show! We meet up with Anna Brones, author of The Culinary Cyclist, to chat about her new book in front of a live audience at Portland's Mission Theater.

Arrowhead Chocolates

Chocolate, truffles and riding tigers! We chatted with the folks at Arrowhead Chocolates in Joseph, OR to see (and taste) how this family business cranks out deliciousness everyday.

Anthony Lake

Snowball fights, mountain bike crashes and tomato phobias! All this and more when we pedaled up to a mountain lake to chat with Peter Johnson of the Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort.

Bull Ridge Brew Pub

We pedaled to Baker City's Bull Ridge Brew Pub to chat with brewmaster Johnny Brose about beer, elk taxidermy and magical elves.

T&T Horsemanship

We attempt our first ever ride-along interview with Boaz in the desk and Alice (of T&T Horsemanship) on horseback as we chat about violins, Eastern Oregon and talking to horses!

Abe Lincoln, Marching Bands, Llamas and More

Dozens of roller skaters in sequins, llamas, alpacas, Abraham Lincoln portrayers, marching bands, opera singer and more - this is "The Most Uneek Interview in the World." The Pedal Powered Talk Show's month-long quest is complete.