Season 4

Rafting the Rogue River!

We load the bike onto a raft and head through roaring rapids on the Rogue River as we chat with Brad Niva about Laura Bush, starting a rafting company and the secret service!

Live Cheetahs!

Cheetahs leaping on bikes, tiger bites and sleeping with wild cats! All this and more on this episode of The Pedal Powered Talk Show that we filmed with Sarah the cheetah expert at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon!

The von Trapps

We chat with Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and August von Trapp at Alma Chocolate about their new album, kazoos, having a super famous last name and dressing up as biblical characters!

Antique Flour Mills

We chat with Eagle Point mayor and hardcore collector, Bob Russell, about his 140 year-old water-powered flour mill, digging through demolition sites and abandoned mystery meat!

Bruce Campbell

We chat with our favorite B-movie actor, Bruce Campbell, about obsessive fans, Bruce tattoos and lollygagging bikers at Portland's Wizard World Comic Con.

Storm Large

We chat with Storm Large about singing foreign songs, writing tell-all books and making bodily noises at Cargo in SE Portland!

Tiny Trains!

We chat with Bruce at the Medford Railroad Park about epic derailments, the magic of trains and more!

Benjamin Scheuer

We chat with star and creator of The Lion, Benjamin Scheuer, about rhymes, shrunken guitars and making old people cover their ears!

Wine & Chickens!

We chat with Dan Marca of DANCIN Vineyards about starting a winery, raising chickens and giving super powers to birds!