Season 5

To the Top of the Space Needle!

We take the bike to the very top of the Space Needle and learn all about changing light bulbs at high altitudes!

Backstage with GRIMM’s Sasha Roiz

Sasha takes us behind the scenes of NBC's Grimm, tells us about his Canadian rocker days and plans a musical with his castmates!

Paranormal Expert Tells All!

We chat with parapsychology consultant Neil McNeill at one of the most haunted hotels in the world about family ghosts, raccoons and what it's like to run into an apparition!

Slug Masks & Bacon Chapstick!

We chat with Roger, manager of Seattle's Archie McPhee store, about slugs, unicorns, tiny hands, bacon and much more!

Biking Through Glass Art!

We pedaled to Seattle's Chihuly Garden & Glass to learn about Dale Chihuly, earthquakes and excited toddlers!

John Roderick on Flight Vs. Invisibility

We chat with the musician & podcaster about interns, his run for city council and being the 3rd sexiest man in Seattle!

Backstage with Russell Hornsby!

Russell tell us about his favorite days on set, recasting his GRIMM cast mates and breakfast foods!

Rosalee & Monroe Tell All!

We chat with Grimm's Bree Turner and Silas Weir Mitchell about wesen brawls, Comic-Con and theme songs of the 1980s!

Trapped in an Elevator!

We crammed the bike into the elevator at the Space Needle to chat with Cassidy, the elevator operator, about illegal parachuters, elevator-related sicknesses and Paul McCartney!

Bikes on Boats!

We pedal aboard an Argosy ship to ask Captain Shane about sea monsters, crashes and whether we can drive the boat!

Thomas Lauderdale and Tiny Pianos!

We chat with Pink Martini founder and band leader, Thomas Lauderdale, about his favorite fragrance, collecting snow globes and why playing music is better than being mayor.

Claire Coffee & Condors!

We chat with Grimm star Claire Coffee about late night shoots, fancy backpacks and a musical episode of Grimm as condors rip apart a baby calf!

Play Ball! With Pickles!

We chat with Portland Pickles player JT Navarro about baseball scouts, whoopie cushions and breakfast foods!

Let’s Put On Opera Costumes!

We tried on costumes from Portland Opera's production of The Magic Flute and learned all about the Maurice Sendak-designed opera!

Bikes on Ice!

We pedal the bike onto the ice to chat with Portland Winterhawks player Keoni Texeira about epic pranks, late-night gaming and socks!

Bike Your Dickens Off!

We chat with Portland Center Stage prop master Michael Jones about rotting wedding cakes, exploding axes and murderous barbers!

Wall Drug Adventure

We chat with Rick Hustead, the chairman of Wall Drug, about growing up in the store, robotic dinosaurs and the power of billboards!

Around the World with Opera!

We chat with world famous opera singer, Johanna Meier, about making her stage debut as a baby, discovering opera and her incredible collection of dollhouses!

Journey Through the Badlands!

We chat with Casey Osbeck, Chief Ranger for Badlands National Park, about high speed chases, sneaky rattlesnakes and soft tarantulas!

Wild Bill Was Shot Here!

We head to Deadwood, South Dakota to chat with local history buff, Darrel Nelson, about Wild Bill, towns full of drunks and striking it rich!

Let’s Go Underground!

We talk to Marc Ohms about Wind Cave National Park, his incredible caving discovery and whether he's a cat or dog person!

Meet a Rodeo Clown!

We chat with veteran rodeo clown, Duane Reichert, about dangerous bulls, Russian circuses and magically appearing goats!

Watch Out For Buffalo!

We chat with Chad Kremer, bison heard manager, at Custer State Park about rounding up thousands of bison, the problem with selfies and a buffalo who thinks he's a dog!

We Biked to Mt. Rushmore!

We chatted with Cheryl Schreier, the superintendent of Mount Rushmore, about stray mountain goats, taking care of a national icon and the possibility of carving new heads on the monument!

Pet Psychic Predicts Future!

We chat with intuitive animal communicator Bridget Pilloud about talking cats, depressed dogs and sickly fish!

Get on the Log Ride!

Roger Tofte, creator of Enchanted Forest, tells us about the humble beginnings of the park, building cement pumpkins and swallowing salamanders.

Let’s Feed Baby Elephants!

We pedaled to the Oregon Zoo's new Elephant Lands exhibit to talk about elephant births, control giant feeding robots and give apples to baby elephants!

Into the Ice Cream Freezer!

We chat with Salt & Straw Chief Ice Cream Maker, Tyler Malek, and find out how to make bug ice cream, how he almost became the delivery truck driver and how cold it gets in their freezer.