Thanks for the memories, Grimm!

Being a Portland-based talk show, we think of all the other Portland-based television shows as our siblings. And it’s been rough to say goodbye to NBC’s Grimm, which is now nearing the end of its final season. But rather than focusing on the sadness, we wanted to remember all the good times we shared. Though our talk show desk never got written into a Grimm episode, (though Claire Coffee and I had some good ideas for how to do that), we did pedal our bike onto their set in NW Portland to talk about wesens, Comic Con, musicals and so many other random things.

Here’s our chat with Bree Turner & Silas Weir Mitchell:

Here’s our hushed backstage conversation with Russell Hornsby:

Here’s our interview with Sasha Roiz:

And rather than meeting on set, we caught up with Claire Coffee at the Oregon Zoo as some condors ripped apart a calf behind us: