The President Wrote Back!

Many people have asked who my dream guest is and for the past year I’ve answered consistently: President George W. Bush. He doesn’t grant many interviews any more but that wasn’t going to stop me from pursuing my Pedal Powered dreams. A few months ago we finally offered an official invitation to President George W. Bush:

We waited and waited but didn’t hear a word from him. I was hoping the video might organically make it’s way to the former President. It didn’t. Earlier this month, I took the more official route and emailed the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas, Texas. A week after I sent my request, I was surprised to receive the following response:

Dear Boaz,

Thanks so much for the opportunity for President Bush to participate in an interview.  We appreciate the valuable opportunity this represents and are grateful for your offer to include President Bush.  We especially appreciate your taking the time to produce the special video you shared!

Unfortunately, we must respectfully decline.  President Bush is out of office and “off the stage.”  Therefore, he is not participating in many interviews at the present time.  And unfortunately his schedule, combined with the volume of requests we receive, prevents him from being able to be involved with every worthy project.  We hope you understand.

Thank you again.  President Bush sends his best wishes.

Warm regards,
Office of George W. Bush

While their answer isn’t the one we were looking for, they did sent a very nice note and seemingly even watched our video! They even called it a “special video!” But don’t worry, we’re not giving up yet. We’re just biding our time (Biden? Is is that a vice presidential pun?) until President Bush decides he wants to hop back “on the stage” for a bit. And hopefully when he does, he’ll email us first.