Willamette Week Calls Us ‘Best Mobile Letterman’ in Town!

Wow! I’ve just been compared to both Ira Glass and David Letterman in Willamette Week’s write-up on our show! They called a few weeks back and asked for an interview but they didn’t mention that it was for their Best of Portland edition. I’ve been a fan of their Best of issue for years – they don’t just list their favorite spots/things. Instead they point out strange and interesting things that you’ve probably never heard of but immediately want to check out. So we’re honored to be included.

Check out the piece on their site over here or right here:

And if you just read about us in Willamette Week – thanks for stopping by! Now catch up on all the episodes you missed by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Willamette Week Calls Us ‘Best Mobile Letterman’ in Town!

  1. I am so happy to know you exist. I can't stream videos very well on my current internet connection, but next time I can I will watch episodes. I await that time with great excitement.

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